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Private interior project

Size: 86 m²

Authors: Vaida Kandratavičiūtė, Kristina Balaišytė, Viktorija Griškevičiūtė

Photos: Simonas Linkevičius

Vilnius, 2020

An 86 sq. m. loft is designed for a short stay and stimulates a witty mood. We purposefully used non-typical furniture solutions, accent colors, and accessories for this interior. We used curtains to confine the bathtub while the ceiling imitates the sky – we chose Pantone 2020 color of the year for it: classic blue. Instead of a usual coffee table, we went for a life-size pig-shaped table that creates powerful emotional content. Who would like a pig-table to serve their guests? The joyful residents of this loft, who fall in love with this place in an instant.